This is Your Alliance

From the musings of the Alliance's president came the phrase "This is Your Alliance", the idea that the Alliance serves diverse and varied audiences and stands apart as a nonpartisan voice to the health policy community. They are a trusted resource to policymakers, staff, the media, academics, and more. I transformed this phrase into a key slogan during the final phase of the Alliance's 30th anniversary to symbolize its unique value proposition as well as its vision for growth. Through a targeted digital campaign utilizing email, social, imagery, and video, I created brand and mission awareness through storytelling and messaging.

Campaign Goals

1. Extend awareness of the Alliance's unique value proposition within the health policy community

2. Reinforce the Alliance's credibility as a trusted nonpartisan educational resource to existing and new stakeholders

3. Initiate a long-term nurture strategy for future prospects aimed at sustainable growth

Phase I

To begin the campaign, I first conducted insight gathering and message testing with key internal stakeholders to better understand the impact and interpretation of the phrase with a wider audience. Once complete and a clear identity emerged, I moved to the creative development phase to design custom graphics utilizing recently captured imagery from Alliance events and classic Washington, DC icons.

Phase II

I collaborated with a videographer to produce a video series showcasing Alliance leadership explaining what "This Is Your Alliance" means to them. Through an iterative creative process we produced visually appealing, 90-second videos incorporating b-roll, interviews, and voiceovers. The animation of the Alliance logo closes the video and symbolizes their unique ability to bring together both sides of the aisle for productive dialogue.

Phase III

I executed a drip campaign across social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, with a regular weekly cadence of This is Your Alliance posts. A paid, call-to-action post targeted new prospects, directing click traffic to the Alliance's website. This theme continued as the overarching message through multiple year-end activities, including marketing of the annual Audience Survey, staff and Board spotlights, and collateral at the Alliance's Anniversary Dinner event.